P2F Ventures

P2F Ventures Limited is a consultancy business supporting functional food & nutraceutical companies  that are seeking to develop their food based products or functional food ingredients towards an approved health claim (EC Regulation No 1924/2006 in Europe).

Since the introduction of the health claims regulation in Europe, nearly a decade ago, success has been very limited with the scientists at the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), endorsing relatively few new health claim applications.

Having been successful at achieving health claims we understand exactly what is required and what factors will determine success or failure.  We can evaluate your project and support your team through the necessary development work to achieve success.



Looking at an existing data package to help identify specific challenges that your company may face in a particular health claims area and with specific claim wording.


Advise on design and implementation of necessary development activities required to achieve success.  Focus on quality human intervention studies and manufacturing issues


Successful applications are usually collated over a number of months. Allocation of often limited internal resources means good project planning is essential.


Guidance to compile all the necessary data at the right level.  Hands on support to draft that information into a quality submission using past successful applications as a reference.

What our clients say